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What is MC List? is a website dedicated to helping Minecraft players find the best quality Minecraft servers. You can browse the most popular servers on the front page, or use the search and sort functions to get more specific results. If you own a server, feel free to register for our site and add your server to this site. If you need to get your server more popular, sponsored listings are available that will put your server on the front of our site for 1 month.

How are servers ranked on the front page?
The top 5 servers on are sponsored servers. You can get your server sponsored by participating in the monthly auction. The other servers are ordered by the number of votes they have.

How does voting work?
People can vote for a particular server once every 20 hours. This is done by clicking on the green "Vote" button on the server's page. Votes are reset at the beginning of each month. If you are a server owner and you want to reward players for voting for your server, you can use Votifier with our site.

I can't login because I never received my activation link.
Please check your spam folder in your email account. After an hour, if you still don't see it, try resending the email. If that doesn't work, just sign up for a new account and double-check your email address.

How do I add my server to the list?
First, you must create an account. You can do this by clicking the "Register" button above. Then, once you have clicked the activation link in your email, go to the "My Servers" tab and click the green "Add Server" button in the top-right.

Why did my votes reset back to 0?
The votes for every server reset at the beginning of each month. This is to keep it fair for new servers.
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